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Free Cryptocurrency Mining Photo of Jossidy Cryptocurrency
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Free Cryptocurrency Mining

Welcome to the global wealth creation financial revolution!

Best Free Cryptocurrency Mining Opportunities

Listed below are some of the best free cryptocurrency mining opportunities for new cryptocurrency coins and tokens

Free Cryptocurrency Mining Page Photo of Jossidy Cryptocurrency Directory, Lagos,

1. Satoshi Core Mining App (CORE)

Signup for the Satoshi Core Crypto Mining App, #1 Airdrop Platform, for Free!

  • Earn 1.0101 BTC + 2.0202 ETH Mining Bonus with Invitation Code and Link!
  • Mine the Best Crypto Offers for Free
  • Participate in the Best Airdrops for Free
  • Mine the Best Coins & Tokens on the Core Network for Free

Signup with the link below to start Free Mining & Airdrops:

Invitation Code: 639ok


2. CatStar Crypto (CAT):

Sign up for the CatStar Crypto Wealth Creation Initiative!

  • Registration Bonus + Higer Mining Rate with Referral Code
  • 80% of 1 Trillion Dollars Mining Buy-back
  • Global Metauniverse Social Entrance
  • Invite Friends to Mine Faster
  • Free Mining Games
  • Free NFT Avatar

Signup with the link below to start Free Mining:

Referral Code: MP4HGH


3. Sidra Bank Coin:

Join Me on Sidra Bank, the World's First Islamic Defi Bank!

  • Mine High Value Sidra Coin for Free
  • 1 Sidra Coin = $526
  • Hurry! Limited Time Left
  • First Islamic Decentralized Finance

Download the free app with the link below to start mining:


4. Candy Pocket:

Signup to mine CandyPocket NFT Tokens for free!

  • First Web 3.0 Based Share-to-Earn Metaverse
  • $3-$13 NFTs Daily
  • Up to $20M Candy Token
  • 0.015B/h per Referral
  • 5-Level Referral Program
  • 1 Global Mining Node per 19 Referrals
  • Multi-device Based Network Node
  • 10% Mining Hashrate Increase Every 18 Days

Signup with the link below to start Free Mining:

Referral Code: 3QWABL36


5. BOTC Coin:

Sign up for BOTC Coin Free Mining!

  • 2 BOTC Coin Signup Bonus
  • New Node Mining App (Permanent Wealth Creation)
  • Medium of Exchange Focus
  • Verified & Scalable Technical Security
  • Data Failure Proof
  • DeFi Oracle Network + Hybrid Smart Contracts
  • Rapid Integration & Deployment
  • Multiple Decentralized Services

Visit the link below to start Free Mining:

Referral Code: 3369592


6. Xeed Crypto:

Sign up for Xeed Mining! Download the App and Start Mining the New Crypto for Free.

  • 300 Xeed Coins free signup bonus with Referral Code
  • 12 Xeed Coins per Day
  • Own a Stake in the Emerging Metaverse
  • Future Financial Freedom
  • Already Listed on Exchanges

Visit the link below to start Free Mining:

Referral code: macfanner


7. Atoshi Global (ATOS)

Earn free Atoshi Global (New Binance) Crypto Coins!

  • 25,000 Atos Signup Bonus
  • Blockchain Empowered Social e-Commerce Financial Solution
  • Low Fees, Instant International Transfers
  • +10 million Registered Users
  • e-Commerce Aggregator App for Top e-Commerce Platforms
  • Video Adverts & Review on Detok
  • +100,000 Member Games Portal
  • Crypto, Stocks, Real Estate & Charity Investments

Signup with the link below to start Free Mining:

Invitation Code: aWU2C


8.  Cheatmoon Token:

Join Cheatmoon Comprehensive Defi Network, the Future of Digital Currency!

  • Mine the new Cheatmoon Crypto Token Free!
  • Signup with the Invitation Code, Get 1000 Cheatmoons Free!
  • Mine 480 Cheatmoon Tokens Daily
  • Increase Earnings with Mining Node

Download the app by visiting the link before, and come to the moon with us!


Referral Code: macfanner


9. PI:

I’m sending you 1π! Sign up to mine Pi with my referral link and invitation code to claim your Pi coin.

  • New Digital Currency Developed by Stanford PHDs
  • 25% Mining Rate Increase with Invitation Code Registration.
  • Over 35 million Community Members Worldwide.
  • Wealth Creation Platform for Secure Financial Future.

To claim your free Pi, follow this link:

Invitation Code: macfanner


10. Peakpok Token (PPOK):

Signup to Mine Peakpok Token, the Best Way to Get into Crypto, for Free!

  • Mobile Crypto Mining with True Blockchain Capabilities
  • Convenient, Secure, Licensed, Transparent, Very Low Fees
  • The Best ERC20 Crypto Adventure, Especially for Beginners
  • Revolutionary De-Fi Platform focused on True Blockchain Capabilities
  • Register with Referral Code, Macfanner, to get  100 Free Peakpok Tokens
  • De-Fi Crypto Platform for Long-Term Store of Value and a Steady Passive Income
  • Earn Extra Tokens with the Lucky Wheel, Validation Pool and Multi-level Referral System.
  • Withdraw Tokens Every 7 Days to the Ethereum Wallet of Your Choice via the Polygon Network.

Token Details for Wallet Setup:

Token contract:

Token symbol: PPOK

Decimals: 18

Visit the link below and register with referral code to start mining Peakpok Token:

Referral Code: macfanner


11. CoinX:

Sign up for the CoinX Crypto Wealth Opportunity!

  • Receive 1 CNX on Signup with my Invitation Code!
  • Free Unlimited Coin Mining
  • Hurry! Mining for a Limited Time
  • Maximum 500,000 Miners for Higher Coins Value
  • Flagship Coin for a Massive Crypto Network

Visit the link below and register with invitation code to start mining CoinX:

Invitation Code: macfanner


12. DB Meta (DBM):

Join Me in Creating a New Metaverse Society, Signup for DBMeta Mining!

  • Web 3.0 Metaverse NFT
  • Infinitely Link to the Future
  • Free Mobile Phone Staking Mining
  • Fair & Credible Digital Assets for Everyone
  • Self-developed POW NFT Consensus Mechanism
  • E-commerce, GameFi, DeFi, & Advertising Applications
  • 30,000 Free DBMeta Tokens with Referral Code Registration
  • Decentralized, Self-gov­erned Meta­verse Sys­tem Based on Blockchain Tech­nol­ogy
  • By DOG­GABYTE Sin­ga­pore, (DB), Global Leader of Blockchain Dis­trib­uted Stor­age In­dus­try
  • Sta­ble, Safe & In­no­v­a­tive Tech­nol­ogy Ser­vices in Big Data Com­put­ing, Stor­age, & Ap­pli­ca­tions for the META­VERSE Era

Visit the link below and register with invitation code to start mining DB Meta:

Invitation Code: 346643


13. Omega Network Coin (OMN):

Sign up to Mine the Omega Coin, the Main Coin of the Omega Network

  • Free Unlimited Mining
  • Biggest Defi Digital Currency
  • 35 million Members Worldwide
  • Lightweight, Decentralized, Friendly
  • The Future of Cryptocurrency in your Hand
  • Easy, Low Resource Consumption Phone Mining

Youtube Intro Video:

OMN Binance Chain Contract Address: 0x7B75110aaad66c74bC0be931D4f02cD3822D8CE9

Visit the link below and sign up with referral code to start mining the Omega Network Coin

Invite Code: macfanner


14. Feminist Chain Coin (F Coin + F Token)

Join the Feminist Cryptocurrency Community and Mine the Feminist Crypto Coin, the Great Financial Gender Equalizer

  • Signup Bonus with Invite Code
  • 128 Feminist Chain Coins Da8ily
  • Decentralized Social Media & Cryoto Mining App
  • Socialfi Metaverse Platform Founded by Feminist DAO
  • Blockchain Technology Created Feminist Belief System
  • Female Empowerment, Gender Equality, Increased Income
  • DAO Feminist Economics to Balance the Male-Dominated World
  • Community Assets: Smart Contracts, NFTs, Social Media, Defi Systems etc
  • Platform for Users to Create & Monetize Content in the Application Program

BSC Contract Address:

Officially Designated Swap Channel:

Visit the link below and sign up with Invite code to start mining the Feminist Coin

Invite Code: macfanner


15. Cheatmoon Network (CTM)

Join me in mining Cheatmoon, the new generation Blockchain platform that is the future of Digital Currency

  • 1,000 Free Cheatmoon Network Tokens with Invitation Code, Macfanner
  • Free Mobile App & Browser Node Mining
  • Mining So Fast to the Moon, It Feels Like Cheating!
  • Constant Earnings through Browser Node Mining.
  • New DeFi Network with the Basic Right to Control and Protect your Money, Digital Footprint and Identity
  • New generation Blockchain Platform Using the Che-IT Consensus Algorithm to Rival Centralized Authorities

Youtube Intro Video:

Visit the link below to download the Cheatmoon app and register with the Invitation Code, Macfanner

Invitation Code: Macfanner


16. Eagle Mining Network (EGON)

Be a Pioneer of a New Free Crypto Mining App. Join Me to Mine Eagle Network Token, the Token for the Elevated Proof of Stake (Epos) Blockchain!

  • Earn Unlimited Income Mining on the Eagle Network
  • Free and Easy Crypto Mining without Any Hardware
  • Super Simple Mining with Cloud Rigs Already Set Up and Running
  • Free Crypto Mining without Phone Battery and Internet Data Drain
  • Makeup for Missed Bitcoin Mining Opportunity, Don't Miss Out Again
  • New Cryptocurrency with an Elevated Proof of Stake (Epos) Blockchain

Eagle Mining Network Youtube Intro Video:

Recommended Wallet App: Cryptokara Wallet:

Google Play Download:

App Store Download:

Android APK File Download:

Visit the link below to download the Eagle Mining app and register with my referral code, Macfanner

Referral Code: Macfanner


17. Remint Crypto Network

Join Us and Become a Part of the Fast Growing Remint Community! Join Me in the Free Mining of Remint Network Coin, A Real Estate Cryptocurrency, Using Cloud-Based Mining Technology. Remint Invites You to Be Part of the Real Estate Revolution

  • Get 10 free coins Instantly with Referral Code Signup!
  • Several Innovative Real Estate Concepts for the Community
  • Mine More by Inviting Friends and Family with 3-Deep Referral System
  • New Real Estate Project Metaverse Platform Coming Soon Through the App
  • Smartphone Cloud-Based Crypto Mining, with No Draining of Phone Resource
  • New Cryptocurrency with Highly Innovative Plans within the Real Estate Market
  • To Simplify Real Estate Transactions and Investments, with a Platform Where Real Estate Meets Cryptocurrency
  • Crypto Blockchain-based Purchase, Rental and Investment in Real Estate Projects, with Profits Deposited to Wallet or Remint Debit Cards.

Remint YouTube Videos:

Visit the Link Below to Download the Remint Crypto Network Free Cloud-Based Mining App:

Use my referral code: Y3VTBLF9, Get 100 free coins now!


18. Ice Crypto Network

Join the global currency reset by Mining the Ice Crypto Network Coin, the newest digital currency Aiming for Genuine Global Financial Reset!

  • Crypto project Imagined to Bring Back Trust in Digital Assets
  • Mine for Free on Your Phone to Unlock the Doors to Personal Freedom
  • Aims to Deliver True Sense of Community for Users Who Can’t Mine Bitcoin
  • DAO Platform for Personal Autonomy, Self-Expression, and Community Rule
  • Aims to Give You back Control of Your Financial Life and Take Charge of Your Destiny
  • Mine Ice to Stop Being a pawn of the Financial System, Master Your Fate, and Truly Live as You Choose

Ice Crypto Intro Video URL:

Visit the Link Below to Download the Ice Crypto Network Free Cloud-Based Mining App:

Referral code: macfanner


19. Avive Crypto Mining (VV)

Join Me to Mine the Avive Coin ($VV), the Main Coin for the Geo-location Protocol, Apps & Tools Network, Powering the Real World to Web3!

* New Bitcoin Mining App

* Claim Free BTC and VV Coin Daily

* Increase BTC & VV Daily Mining with Referrals

* Offchain Geo-location Data, Plus Onchain Relationships

* Earn Mining Signup Bonus with Registration Code or Sponsor

* Increase BTC & VV Daily Mining with Magic Codes and Gift Codes

* Social Infrastructure to Create Interoperable Layer for Offchain and Onchain Sovereign Footprint

Avive Mission:

* Gain your sovereign individual soul, trailblazing a revolutionary path for decentralized social experiences

* Foster sustainable and equitable growth by prioritizing governance, consensus, and community-driven development

* Advance the development of geo-location applications, tools, powering the real world to Web3

Visit the Link Below to Download the Avive Crypto Mining App:

Referral code: wj7g75


20. Dotchain Crypto Network (DOT)

Signup to Mine Dotchain Coins, the Fastest Launching Blockchain Network, with Great Speed of Transaction Validations!

  •  The Fastest Launching Blockchain Network
  • Dotchain Mainnet is Launching 50X to 90X Faster than Any Other Blockchain Project
  • Earn Coins Mining with Handy Devices Like Phones and Tabs
  • Play games to Win ACE
  • 100% Transparent Live Stats
  • Gaming; P2E; ACE; NFTs
  • With tolerance to 51% Attacks, the Network Cannot Be Compromised by Users Who Generate 51% of Computational Power.
  • No Need for Sophisticated Hardware, as PoA Algorithm Doesn’t Solve Puzzles to Ensure Permanent Connection between Nodes.
  • Scalability for Blockchain Games, as POA Network Provides Irresistible Scalability Solution for Ethereum D’apps and Developers;

Dotchain Network Whitepaper URL:

Visit the Link Below to Download the Dotchain Crypto Mining App:

After installing the app, Use my invitation/Referral code, macfanner to get 1.5/hour base rate.


21. Punk Panda (PPM)

Signup to Mine Punk Panda Token, the Crypto Token for an Encrypted Communication App that Pays You Daily for Using and Sharing It!

  • Project Share Holding through Mined Tokens
  • Download Punk Panda App, Use It, Share It and Own It!
  • Increase Mining Yield with Invite Code Registration Referrals
  • Encrypted Communication App that Pays You Every Day for Using and Sharing It!

Punk Panda Youtube Intro Video:

Punk Panda Youtube Channel:


Visit the Link Below to Download the Punk Panda Messaging App. Signup with my invite code, 04536380 to Increase Mining Yield:

Invite Code: 04536380

For Questions & Inquiries, Click on the Links Below to Chat with Us on Whatsapp & Telegram

Whatsapp     |     Telegram



Free Cryptocurrency Mining Page Photo of Jossidy Cryptocurrency Directory, Lagos,

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Free Cryptocurrency Mining 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • James Badmos

    Fantastic list of free crypto mining opportunities. Go check them out!

  • Lillian Ezekwesili

    Loving this list. Very good listing of new free crypto mining opportunities.

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